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These guides cover a range of topics for users of Video.js

Modal Dialogs

The ModalDialog component is part of Video.js core and provides a baked-in UI for full-player overlays.

Creating a ModalDialog

Aside from the built-in Video.js component-creation methods, the player includes a createModal() helper method.

We'll demonstrate both approaches in this document by creating a modal that opens when the player becomes paused and resumes playback when it is closed.

Example Using createModal()

The createModal() method is intended for creating one-off modals that need to open for some temporary purpose. Therefore, they open themselves immediately upon creation and, by default, dispose themselves immediately upon closing.

var player = videojs('my-player');

player.on('pause', function() {

  // Modals are temporary by default. They dispose themselves when they are
  // closed; so, we can create a new one each time the player is paused and
  // not worry about leaving extra nodes hanging around.
  var modal = player.createModal('This is a modal!');

  // When the modal closes, resume playback.
  modal.on('modalclose', function() {;

The createModal() method also takes a second argument - an object containing options for the modal. Refer to the API documentation for a full set of options.

Example Using the ModalDialog Constructor

Unlike when using createModal(), a modal created with any of the common component creation methods does not open by default. This makes this approach better suited to modals that are expected to live in the DOM indefinitely.

var player = videojs('my-player');
var ModalDialog = videojs.getComponent('ModalDialog');

var modal = new ModalDialog(player, {

  // We don't want this modal to go away when it closes.
  temporary: false


player.on('pause', function() {;

player.on('play', function() {

Both of these examples are equivalent when it comes to the user's experience. Implementors should use whichever better suits their use-case.

Styling Modals Independently

A common need for modals is to style them independently from one another. The recommended approach for this is to add a custom class to your modal and target that using CSS: