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Gary Katsevman2017-04-03

Video.js 6.0 Release!

After months of hard work, I am proud to annouce the release of Video.js 6.0 🎉!

This release is pretty exciting. It greatly improves the accessibility of the controls and components, and we are committed to making Video.js the most accessible player we can. Video.js also provides some shiny, and awesome, new features for developers in middleware and advanced plugins. Video.js 6.0 is also the first release where Flash is unbundled from core -- though, it is still available as a plugin, if necessary.

Today's release is a pre-release and will stay that way for about a week or two before being promoted to latest. Just to make sure that any last bugs, if any, are ironed out.

Things you should know

Most things have not changed between 5.x and 6.x. In fact, in most of our work in plugins we maintain, the majority of the work was to use new methods and fallback to old methods because they were logging deprecation warnings. Those plugins would've continued working otherwise.

However, there are definitely some changes that are breaking and would require action on your part. For example, if you require Flash, that's something that would now need to be included manually.

One of the other big changes is that source selection is now asynchronous. This was necessary for middleware support and most likely won't affect users if they are waiting for the player to be ready before interacting with the player.

These are written up on our wiki. We'll make sure to update it if there's anything that we missed.

Feedback Wanted

If you are using Video.js and have comments or questions, please drop by on Slack. If you find a bug, please open an issue on GitHub, preferably with a reduced test case.

5.x Support

We're still going to be supporting the Video.js 5.x release line. This will mostly be bug fixes but features will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

If IE8 support is still required, it is probably best to stick to 5.x.

npm tags

Once Video.js 6 is promoted to latest, it'll take over the next and latest tags on npm. The 5.x release line will then be given its own set of tags: latest-5 and next-5.

Code of Condunct

We strive to be open and inclusive and so we have adopted a Code of Conduct, based on Contributor Covenant that applies to all Video.js projects.


We are super excited for this release! Please take it for a spin from next tag on npm or from the CDN. And please come chat with us on Slack.