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Gary Katsevman2017-01-23

Video.js 6.0.0-RC.0: The first Release Candidate

The first Release Candidate for 6.0 has been released

Last week, we began wrapping up months of effort to make Video.js even better with the first Release Candidate (RC) of Video.js 6.0. In order to make it better, however, we had to make a few breaking changes and we also made a lot of improvements under the hood.

How to try it out

The RC is now published on npm under the beta tag with verion 6.0.0-RC.0.

npm install video.js@beta

Please try it out and let us know how it is on GitHub.

What to look forward to

  • We're finally removing Flash from core as outlined in a previous post.
  • Plugins are being updated to a React-inspired component architecture. The old style is staying around.
  • We're recommitting to accessiblity by fixing the accessibilty of our volume control and bringing back outlines!
  • Middleware. A brand new feature to interface between Video.js's techs and the player.

Feature Spotlights

Over the coming weeks, we'll post feature spotlights talking about the big things that are happening. We might also revisit some old features.